Women's Conference
Time Title Presenter
7:30- 8:15Forgive Yourself & Manifesting Your PotentialTania Muhammad
8:25- 9:00Guided Imaginary for the Purpose of Stress Reduction and HealingDr. Patrice Muhammad
General Workshops
Time Title Presenter
7:30- 7:40Workshop Opening
7:50- 8:20The Mindset of Dignitary ProtectionCeleritas Muhammad
8:30- 9:00Vertical Farming Made Simple: Surviving Inflation and Famine.Shaheerah Farrakhan
9:00- 10:30Women’s Only Martial Arts Training
9:00- 10:30Children’s Martial Arts Training
11:00- 3:00All Reconvene for Martial Arts Training
Awards Banquet & Concert (6:30-11:00 pm)
Time Title Presenter
6:30Doors Open
7:00Awards Banquet & Concert Begins